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DigtialEdge is the perfect platform for your next project!

DigitalEdge is a highly configurable software platform providing ingest, enrichment, processing, and near real-time analytics of big data in motion. DigitalEdge takes your data, tells you what you need to know, and puts the data where it is needed. Our platform supports a wide variety of databases and front end frameworks. Based in JAVA, developing custom plugins for DigitalEdge is simple and intuitive. As your organization evolves so will DigitalEdge, serving your Big-Data needs for years to come.

Our Markets


Currently our team is working, in conjunction with the USDOT, to implement an expansive Vehicle to Infastructure (V2I) network. Using the sensors in this network, information can be sent to a remote location to be processed by DigitalEdge. By utilizing the data from these sensors, better decisions about traffic patterns, lane statuses, and construction projects can be made. Additionally, traffic data can be accessed by third parties to further innovate the flow of people, goods, and services in the new world of big data

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Cyber Security

As computer dependency continues to grow, it is increasingly important to ensure the security of these devices. Companies are quickly realizing the necessity of finding gaps in their security before they lose sensitve data. Using real-time monitoring and log searching, DigitalEdge enables companies to keep an extra set of eyes on their network traffic. Patterns of suspicous behavior can be sifted out and supplemented with external information in order to maintain the integrity of even the most sensitive data.

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By collecting massses of data on household power usage, utilities providers can monitor smart meters attached to residences and analyze the data to better serve their customers. By monitoring areas of high power consumption during certain hours of the day and during inclement weather events, utilities providers can more efficiently manage power delivery and increase the efficiency of our electrical grid. DigitalEdge is currently working with NOAA and other third parties to bring these goals to fruition.

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DigitalEdge Features


 Data Model Tools
 Fusion Enrichment
 Auto Provisioning
 Data Model Wizard
 Data Transfer Utility
 Private Plug-In Upload
 System Size Configuration
 Alerting Engine
 Custom Instance Counts
 Solution Plug-Ins
 Ingest Pipeline Standby
 Message Queue Security


 Real Time Analysis
 Graphical Output
 Robust Search Syntax
 Location Data Enrichment
 Machine ID Enrichment
 External Data Integration
 Long Term Data Analysis
 Query/Visualization Saving
 Archive Searching
 Adaptable Data Storage
 Customizable Dashboard
  CIDR Notation - Coming Soon!
  Data Export - Coming Soon!

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